What is a sex consultant?

What is a sex consultant?

What is a sex consultant? A sex consultant is a specialist who uses an integrated approach involving sex coaching and sexology.

As a sex consultant, you can learn how to coach individuals on how to experience their sexual desires and needs. This can be taught to individuals by using a mixture of holistic methods and by debunking shame and stigma that may prevent people from gaining their true authentic sexual selves.

Individuals who have trained as sex coaches and sex consultants can use their knowledge to not only work 1 on 1 client but can use the skills, they develop to work with leading companies, earning an income from being a sexpert, to even helping the development of sex toys. The possibilities are endless when it comes to working in the field of human sexuality ad continued professional development and courses can help you formulate your very own niche.

The information found within The Sex Consultant CPDs can help human sexuality professionals in many areas gain better insight into what their clients or target audience is experiencing for looking to achieve in their sex and relationships circumstances.

CPDs can also be a way to di[ your toes into a new career to see whether or not it suits you, before taking things further on a more professional level.

Sex coaching can be for those looking to expand their career or is perfect for those looking for sexual self-discovery.

Learn about the following in The Sex Consultant Courses:

  • Tips on troubleshooting sex and relationship challenges.
  • Research and evidence backed resources and information.
  • How to implement the knowledge learns around human sexuality.
  • Hear real life examples and case studies.
  • Gain an integrated look into human sexuality topics.

Sex coaching can allow you to educate in ways that standalone therapy can’t. Whilst it uses clinical evidence-based knowledge, it can be freer flowing and holistic. This allows the individual working under a sex coach to influence and be a bigger part of their sexual wellbeing and growth, as it means different modalities can be used to fit with the client’s needs.

What Sex Coaching isn’t:

Sex Coaching isn’t the same as therapy or psychotherapy, and it isn’t a medical practice even if it does use research-backed methods. It’s also not the same as sex work, but many sex workers do train in this field of human sexuality.

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