Have you ever felt that there are gaps in your knowledge when it comes to sex and relationships? Well, sex coaching helps you explore these gaps and gives you the skills needed to implement them into your life or ever your own therapy or coaching practice.

At The Sex Consultant, you will be able not only to explore methods to work on yourself but also to educate yourself deeper in the world of sex coaching to help others.

You’ll find Pleasure Programs, 1 on 1 coaching, as well as continuing professional development courses on human sexuality.

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Sex Coaching CPDs

Are you at a loss with your sex and relationship career?

Wondered about what comes next after the big qualifications?

Do you have gaps in your knowledge that your clients are also seeking answers to?

The Sex Consultant is here to help you find the answers to authentic sexuality and help you grow further not only as a professional but as an individual.

Here at The Sex Consultant, you’ll find self-paced CPDs to help you continue learning within your field of human sexuality.

Group Pleasure Programs

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Authentic sexuality is a lifelong process of learning about ourselves and those we form intimate connections with. Pleasure programs are group sex coaching programs where you continue to build on your inner self to gain deeper sexual satisfaction that’s authentic to you.

1 on 1 Sex Coaching

1 on 1 sex coaching

I understand how hard it can be to be authentic with your sexual pleasure and desires. Like many, you probably have faced many challenges with sexual intimacy whether those are solo or shared. That’s why I offer a 1 on 1 package to help you discover and become equipped with the tools to find the authentic sexual you.

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